Collaboration for St.Patrick’s Day photo shoot.
The idea came from this photo in gold, availability of fitting theme amazing model and gorgeous green spots in Marin Garden and Pheonix lake.
Our shoot was planed on March 9, 2019.
Makeup, style will be done me
Photo by Bronislav
Our model Peter
Clothing will be provided by
We are going to make commercial quality imagery, that may be used in the advertisement of any parties involved.
Terms so far are following. If parties of collaboration are going to use end products on time-for-time or product-for-time terms, it’s free with a contribution. If they aren’t then we can discuss compensation for parties.
The contribution may be as mentioned under the photo, on the photo (small font in the corner), or in the text.
As with any sort of creative things, we’ll see how it will go but I’d love the general feel to be like

Contribution examples:

1. On top of the photo.

Text in a column

3. Under the photo.

On websites, we can do it with a gray font that won’t distract from the main content. On Instagram just tagging accounts Model @retepniwde, Photo, editing @bronik1979 Makeup, editing @itsyanami