Wohoo 👰🏽‍♀️ 🎉  Congratulations on your wedding Teja, you such an amazing person 👰🏽‍♀️ 🎉  I wish your married life be full of joy and happiness.

It was an honor and pleasure to serve you ladies today. You are all so beautiful in and out.

Can’t wait to see your photos 😍

Click These Tabs Below 👇

  1. We started the application by removing the peach fuzz and exfoliating asking using a facial razor.
  2. Followed by whitening eyedrops Lumify, you ladies were so brave and did awesomely👏🏻  When I consulted with an ophthalmologist she said it’s safe for everyday use just how their website says. Celebrity makeup artists whose training I completed confirmed that they use it too. My clients didn’t have any problems as well, but if you fall in love with it and want to use it every day please consult with your doctor.
  3. Cleaned the skin with Bioderma. It is great for sensitive skin, great for removing waterproof makeup, and cleaning false eyelashes.
  4. Used Thayers toner prior to moisturizer. If you don’t know which toner suits you better yet, I’ve see great improvements in skin texture with REN toner.
  5. To soften the lips I’ve used Purelan. This step I do at the beginning of makeup, so when I go to the end lips are already soft and ready for the color. Lanolin softens the lips very quickly.
  6. For the brows, in the beginning, I used wax TIGI. It’s great for hair and eyebrows. Followed with RCMA powder later on and in cases when we add color to the brows we used either Kiss or WETNWILD brow kit + Inglot Duraline
  7. Next, we put an awesome french moisturizer Embryolisse that is great for intense makeup days. It doesn’t have enough nourishing power in my opinion for everyday use, but it never fails with makeup regardless of skin type or condition.
  8. After you were very kind to help and hold the Fan 🙂
  9. For primer, we’ve used Skindinavia Primer Spray
  10. The foundation we’ve used RCMA foundation and Graftobian. Concealer Kryolan USA circle. They are highly pigmented and the beauty of it, that you can mix with a moisturizer and make it sheer, or don’t mix and have full coverage. We’ve also used it as a contour, blush, and eyeshadow.
  11. To set makeup I’ve used setting sprays through the application they all are good: Skindinavia bridal Setting spray, Kryolan Dermacolor setting spray (dermacolor line used on tv(news anchors), by celebs(JLo) and cirque Du Soleil performers), Kryolan dry setting spray
  12. Then we curled lashed with a lash curler
  13. Put on glue on the lash line. The quickest way to apply lashes, but takes more effort to remove. Look at the tab below on how to remove makeup for the video and text.
  14. Then we put Loreal lash paradise waterproof mascara on so false lash blends with natural lash
  15. Followed by lashes. We had these choices: Kiss 1, Kiss 2, Ardel. For individuals, I’ve used Tatti lashes. In the US Kiss has similar.
  16. For eyeliners, I used Maybelline brown, Inglot 77, a mix of the 2, and also Inglot Duraline(mixing medium that makes any cream product soft and more liquidy)
  17. For the powders on light skin, I used RCMA, on light-medium RCMA+BANANA equal parts, on a medium BANANA.
  18. Lips were different.    On some, I’ve used for the base and instead of lipliner mix of Loreal long-wearing liquid lips in shades 1, 2, 3.  Topped with Purelan mixed with ABH Lip Palette, unfortunately, discontinued it’s hard to find now but here is a similar Mario
  19. For the blush, we used lip products that you had on your lips 🙂
  20. For securing hair accessories we’ve used Aloe glue

That’s it. Prof products will last you forever and if you will want to purchase them for yourself I highly recommend splitting them with your friend or family. It will be good for the environment and for your wallet too:)

Always remember:

You don’t need makeup. Makeup needs you. You are stunning, to begin with.


Steps are very easy:

  1. Remove eye makeup by rubbing on your lashes coconut oil/vitamin e oil and rinsing with warm water
  2. If you are on a go makeup wipe in a goodie bag (#1)
  3. On wet face lather, facial cleanser (#2) leave it for a few min and rinse it
  4. If you have a toner use toner after
  5. Put on Korean aloe gel (#3) on your face overnight. It has an unusual slimy texture but gives great results.

Also here is a video on How to use facial razor and skincare thing that my students loved so much

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