Makeup on a male model before and after

A mix of natural and editorial makeup on the male model for St.Patric’s Day Collaboration. I was incredibly fortunate to work with an amazing team for this photoshoot. Details and results of the collaboration available here.

I’m especially grateful for having Peter Murray as a model. He’s incredibly handsome, professional, easy to work with, talented and the most important Peter is a great human being.

Natural makeup with a splash of gold on the side, of the face included hair.

  • Brown mascara and brown eyeliner works the best to enhance eyes for a no-makeup look
  • Every single person I work with, and I included has certain skin discolorations. The right choice of complexion products (concealer, foundation, contouring) will increase attractive appearance just by itself.
  • Soap on eyebrows and spot brow correction will keep brows look natural but more pronounced and symmetrical.
  • Every visible part of the skin is a zone of makeup. Ears, neck, chest, hands, arms, and anything that is open.
  • If the model will change cloth a lot during the shot, it will be better to leave hands how they are because a foundation can leave marks on the clothing. If more time you may do hands makeup and wipe it off before/after every cloth change.
  • To create gold splash I mixed gold eyeshadow with a hair gel.

Front Before / Without Makeup

Front After / With Makeup

Right Before / Without Makeup

Right After / With Makeup

Left Before / Without Makeup

Left After / With Makeup

Products used

TARTE Color Your World Color Correcting Palette


  • Concealer Fitme
  • Contour
  • Soap for brows
  • Kiss brow palette
  • Brown ofra eyeliner

Press play to see the video of makeup on incredible Peter.

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