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Beauty is a science. Learn how to make yourself the most beautiful YOU while saving money (and the planet!). This relaxing evening class includes in-depth lectures, fun “homework” and hands-on practice supervised by a professional makeup artist. 

College of Marin Classes won’t be happening this semester, but if you’d like to take a class online and in person in Marin County Click below


Learn how to achieve a red-carpet-quality makeup look at home. In this class, students will learn how to combine colors for makeup and everyday use. How to correct facial features, and how to turn disadvantages into advantages. Sign up to elevate your skills and learn professional makeup artist secrets at a special only for the College of Marin price. If you can’t make it to in-person classes  I also have Online Classes ($375, Deadline to register Nov 7, 2023) and 1 on 1 in-person classes (starting from $480)

Week 1 : Intro to Makeup
  • Cosmetic history
  • Makeup trends
  • Sustainability
  • Makeup with a purpose.
  • Practice Nov 2, 2023
Week 2 : Science
  • Skincare
  • Hygiene
  • How makeup is made
  • Ingredients
  • Practice Nov 9, 2023
Week 3 : Colors
  • Color theory
  • Color correction
  • No makeup-makeup
  • Seamless blending
  • Practice Nov 16, 2023
Week 4 : Shapes
  • Face shapes
  • Understanding proportions
  • Eyes, eyebrows, ears, nose, cheeks, lips, jaw, neck
  • Your unique beauty
  • Practice Nov 30, 2023
Week 5 : Camera-ready
  • Tools
  • Products
  • Lighting in makeup
  • Makeup for the camera
  • Practice Dec 7, 2023
Week 6 : Versatile makeup
  • Demo 1 Everyday makeup
  • Demo 2 Evening makeup
  • Final practice Dec 14, 2023
  • Blackfriday zoom prep
  • Holidays makeup look
  • Hooded eyes makeup
  • Make at-home beauty recipes
  • Repress your broken powders(blush, eyeshadow, etc.) in class

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This class consists of exclusive copyrighted content that published makeup artist Yanina Miller created.  She saw a huge disconnect between the professional beauty world and the consumer’s point of view. Women and men cannot achieve results from youtube videos that set unrealistic expectations and leave a lot behind the camera. Cosmetic companies use scarcity, and trends to mislead consumers for that BUY button push. Nowadays market became so unethical that you’d have to have a cosmetic chemistry degree to understand what’s what. Yanina has experience in creating beauty for magazine covers, cosmetology, and cosmetic product development. She will connect all the dots for you and you will be able to achieve your beauty goals with ease.

This course will give you a clear picture of the beauty world nowadays. You will understand the purpose behind the decisions of professional makeup artists and will be able to achieve the desired outcome in a sufficient way. You will have easy-to-follow step-by-step routines with no cutouts. Your face is unique and beautiful. There’s no cookie-cutter, but there’s a way to achieve exactly what you want much quicker and without buying half of Sephora.

Yanina Miller Best Makeup Artist San Francisco Bay Area

Yanina Miller

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