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itsmakeupclass COLORFUL MAKEUP

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This course will give you a clear picture of nowadays the beauty world. You will understand the purpose behind the decisions of makeup artists and will be able to achieve the desired outcome in the most sufficient way. You will have easy to follow step by step routines with no cutouts. Your face is unique and beautiful. There’s no cookie-cutter, but there’s a way to achieve exactly what you want much quicker and without buying half of Sephora.

Yanina Miller Best Makeup Artist San Francisco Bay Area

Yanina Miller


This class consists of exclusive copyrighted content that was created by published makeup artist Yanina Miller.  She saw a huge disconnect between the professional beauty world and the consumer’s point of view. Women and men that are not able to achieve results from youtube videos that set unrealistic expectations and leave a lot behind the camera. Since Yanina Miller a Youtuber herself, she understands that intention isn’t always to mislead on purpose. In order to please the search engine algorithm and hit the watch time makeup YouTubers and professional makeup artists have to cut parts, speed up the process and they can’t explain the necessary basics in each video.